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Event: Sasquatch Day
Location: Washington State History Museum
1911 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, Washington
Date: June 6, 2010 - Times TBA
Speakers: Bob Gimlin & Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum

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1st Annual Oregon Sasquatch Symposium
Location:  Eugene,Oregon
Date: June 19 and 20, 2010

Did you know that ...

  • Ontario is larger than France and Spain combined.
  • It's more than 1 million square kilometers (415,000 sq. miles) in area.
  • Even people who live in Ontario can have trouble appreciating it's sheer size.
  • Number of Lakes: Over 250,000, about 1/3 of the world’s fresh water.
  • Official Tree: Eastern White Pine


Books ...


Good Books on the Subject:

North America's Great Ape: the Sasquatch - A wildlife Biologist looks at the continent's most misunderstood large mammal written by John A Bindernagel, Beachcomber books ISBN 0-9682887-0-7

Bigfoot Sasquatch Evidence -
Dr. Grover S. Krantz, Hancock House Publishers, ISBN 0-88839-447-0

Christopher L. Murphy in association with John Green & Thomas Steenburg, Hancock House Publishing. ISBN 0-88839-573-6 (paperback trade edition)

Raincoast Sasquatch -
The Bigfoot/Sasquatch Records of Southeast Alaska, Coastal British Columbia & Northwest Washington from Puget Sound to Yakutat, by J. Robert Alley, Hancock House Publishers.
ISBN 0-88839-508-6

The Best of Sasquatch Bigfoot -
The Latest Scientific Developments plus all of On the Track of the SASQUATCH and Encounters with BIGFOOT by John Green, Hancock House Publishers.
ISBN 0-88839-546-9

Sasquatch, Legend Meets Science -  by Jeff Meldrum, Associate Professor of Anatomy and Anthropology at Idaho State University. Forge.  
ISBN-13: 978-0-765-31216-7
ISBN-10: 0-765-31216-6

Our Hair Sample Library includes gorilla, bear and many others.

We also have a comprehensive Human Hair Article.


If you have submitted a sighting report to another investigation group outside of Ontario, we welcome you to re-submit your sighting to Ontario Sasquatch. Our investigators can make a site visit and meet with you personally to talk about your encounter. We don't want to take reports away from other organizations ... but we're trying to build a picture of what is occuring in this province. The only way we can do that is to talk with you and listen to you.

We also have a resident artist who can do a sketch, if you've had a close up sighting. 

Notice: Cougar Alert!!

It's estimated that there are now as many as 500 cougars believed to inhabit Ontario. Be wary when in the woods ...

Visit Ontario Puma for information about these large cats.

Also see Toronto Star cougar article.

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