We are pleased to announce that Ontario’s largest sasquatch research groups, Ontario Sasquatch and Ontario Wildlife Field Research have merged into one organization.

This merger unites researchers and enthusiasts province-wide and ensures that our members are offered the highest level of accessibility to the latest sasquatch and wildlife activity throughout Ontario.

Our Membership Application is no longer available. Please join our public forum, Ontario Sasquatch/OWFR Forum for updates on the latest sasquatch activity in Ontario and to meet others who share your interest. Get to know us for a while there, and if you show that you are an energetic and active participant in forum discussion, and you wish to become an Ontario Investigator, you may be invited to join us in the field, and investigate sasquatch sightings. We cover all of Ontario, and we need more investigators in many areas.


Visit our
Track Cast Library:

We have a gallery of track casts from across Canada and the U. S. Sizes are indicated on many.

We have provided links to Sound Files 
of a large variety of animals and birds.

If you have heard a sound in the forest that you can't identify, these audio files may help.

Visit our Hair Sample Library:

It includes gorilla, bear and many others.

We also have a comprehensive FBI Human Hair Article reprinted from the FBI website detailing how to identify human hairs, which are different on various parts of the body.

Gorilla 1
BrownBear 1

Notice: Cougar Alert!!

It's estimated that there are now as many as 500 cougars believed to inhabit Ontario. Be wary when in the woods ...

See Toronto Star cougar article.


If you have reported an incident to another investigation group outside of Ontario, we welcome you to re-submit your report to Ontario Sasquatch. Our investigators can make a site visit and meet with you personally to talk about your encounter. We don't want to take reports away from other organizations ... but we're trying to build a picture of what is occurring in this province. The only way we can do that is to talk with you and listen to you.

We also have a resident artist who can do a sketch, if you've had a close up sighting.  


Ontario Sasquatch has no affiliation with the individual known as Sasquatch Ontario.

Nor are we affiliated with the individual who recently bought the web url and runs a blog under Ontario Wildlife Field Research.

The OWFR Forum has existed for several years under this title.

Unfortunately, there are opportunistic individuals who are attempting to gain respectability by implying that they are associated with us. They are not. Please do not confuse them with us.

The Ontario Sasquatch Team

OSR Investigator Pages ...

Simply Sasquatch Radio

J. Goldring
OSR Investigator

Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, Yowi. Whatever you wish to call it, we talk about it here at Simply Sasquatch. Come armed with your questions, comments, experiences and whatever else you have to offer and join into our show.


The Michigan Recording Project

P. Barker - OSR Investigator

Team members from Ontario, Indiana and Michigan have been recording vocalizations at an active field research site in northern Michigan for several years.

More Information here ...


The Ticking Mind Blog

J. Goldring - OSR Investigator

Sasquatch, Bigfoot, Cryptozoology, Field Research, Audio Analysis, Vocalizations, Interpretations, and after all that...Life in general. It's a lot of stuff in a little box. The learning process never ends.....


Sasquatch Illustration Project

P. Barker - Artist and OSR Investigator

I'm working with witnesses who have had sightings, creating sketches of these creatures. The goal is to develop insights into what sasquatch/bigfoot may look like.


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